Coronado beach

Coronado beach, Panama Republic

Coronado, one of the most developed beaches in the Pacific coast of the country.

Coronado beach is one of the beaches where one can find just everything. This beach resort has had a great development. At the entrance you have several supermarkets, restaurants for all tastes, selling fruit, vegetables, boutiques and a number of establishments that provide all facilities for residents and visitors.
Coronado is located just 84kms away from the Panama City. Because of the proximity to the city this exclusive beach has become a favorite for domestic and overseas to enjoy the holidays or just a weekend of relaxation.
Coronado has residential communities , modern condos, beach houses and hotels, all with a quiet, safe and serene environment.
In Coronado you can make all kinds of leisure activities, whether aquatic or horse, and even has nice golf courses for those who want a more relaxed activity.