Veracruz beach

Veracruz beach, Panama Republic

Veracruz beach is located just minutes from Panama City.

This very visited beach is located in the district of Resume province of Panama. For many years, Veracruz was the recreational center for members of the U.S. forces stationed on the banks of the Panama Canal.

Today Veracruz is one of the nearest beaches of the city and features a variety of restaurants where drinks and local food [fried fish with fried plantains, ceviche of sea bass, octopus, etc..] are found at good prices.

In Veracruz you can spend a nice, quiet evening either playing sports outdoors or enjoying the sea. The beach has a lot of security in the area and also has developed a tourist infrastructure of hotels that can provide foreigners the opportunity to relax with the luxuries that big hotel chains can offer.