Cinta Costera

Cinta Costera, Panama Republic

Cinta Costera I, Avenida Balboa Panama City.

The Cinta Costera is an important part of the New Road Network Panama City, which will distribute effectively and fluently nearly 600,000 vehicles in the City.
The Cinta Costera offers visitors a place to enjoy its green areas while inside the capital city. It has over 35 acres of land, 16 of which are entirely dedicated to green spaces.
The Cinta Costera connects the modern part of Panama City with the Old Town considered the colonial part of the city and is inspired by the “Flamengo”, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In addition to the extensive landscaping, trees, tropical plants and flowers that adorn the beautiful landscaped gardens, the Coastal belt also offers several basketball courts, recreational parks for children, 3.5 kilometers of track for bicycles, pedestrian crossings with ramps for people with disabilities, complimentary parking, WiFi internet signal and over 7 miles of pavement with good lighting.

Bocas del Toro – Swan Cay

Isla Pájaro, Bocas del Toro, Panama Republic

Small Swan Cay has an area of about 300 square meters and is located in the Atlantic province of Bocas del Toro.

Swan Cay is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the country. It was named like that because of its shape: from a distant view, the island looks like a huge bird that is crouching eating.
The Pajaros Island or “Swan Cay” highlights, despite being a rock that is no larger than 300 square meters, by the many species of native and migratory birds that nest in it, such as: bobo bird, pelicans, frigates, some species of doves, swallows and tropical red-billed gull, who spends most of the year at sea and only reaches the Keys to reproduce.
Facing Island Pajaros, there is a coral reef which is the only well developed on the Caribbean coast of Panama. This island is about 40 minutes by boat from Bocas Island, and is a true bird sanctuary. The experience of seeing the range of colors that are reflected in the shining sea while birds flutter in the sky, will be a real refreshment for your soul.

Isla Grande

Isla Grande, Panama Republic

Big Island is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

In the district of Portobelo, Colon province, lies Isla Grande. Famous as a haven for resting, people have found in this island a paradise, a place to get away from the madding crowd of the city.
Isla Grande has beautiful crystal clear waters and quiet, very hospitable locals, which will recommend on arrival a good Caribbean food, boating or economical stay.
To enjoy the bounties of the sea, people prefer the tip area [of the spring to the left]. It is the most crowded during weekends area, however it is not the only place where you can enjoy the warm, clear waters surrounding the island. From end to end there are many places where you can swim without worrying about strong waves.
Isla Grande is a large pool with coral reefs that are a delight for those who like snorkeling or diving, and is only 2 hours away from Panama City. This beautiful island certainly lives up to its name, it not only offers great moments of relaxation and fun, but also great seascapes.

Causeway or Calzada de Amador

Causeway - Calzada de Amador, Panama Republic

Sailboats anchored on the Amador Causeway.

In order to stop the flow of the Panama Bay and prevent sedimentation in the entrance of the Panama Canal, the “Causeway” was built between 1903 and 1904.
The Causeway is made up of three islands Naos, Perico and Flamenco, which were linked with soil from the excavations of the Gaillard Cut. This road is a favorite of locals and tourists for cycling, walking, rollerblading, fishing, eating and generally having a healthy recreation time.
The Causeway combines spectacular seascape and a beautiful view of the entire city, including the Cerro Ancon, where a Panamanian flag waves in the wind.
Only 15 minutes from the city there is a place not to be missed, and Panama Dream Tours can offer you the complete guide for all recreation places of this beautiful road.

Coronado beach

Coronado beach, Panama Republic

Coronado, one of the most developed beaches in the Pacific coast of the country.

Coronado beach is one of the beaches where one can find just everything. This beach resort has had a great development. At the entrance you have several supermarkets, restaurants for all tastes, selling fruit, vegetables, boutiques and a number of establishments that provide all facilities for residents and visitors.
Coronado is located just 84kms away from the Panama City. Because of the proximity to the city this exclusive beach has become a favorite for domestic and overseas to enjoy the holidays or just a weekend of relaxation.
Coronado has residential communities , modern condos, beach houses and hotels, all with a quiet, safe and serene environment.
In Coronado you can make all kinds of leisure activities, whether aquatic or horse, and even has nice golf courses for those who want a more relaxed activity.